Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

It snowed quite a bit today. We were expecting some slushy freezing rain type stuff and got about 4-6 inches of snow. The kids got released early from school because of the forecast for freezing rain, which was a lovely surprise for them, but the still weren't expecting snow. I love when they are surprised by things as opposed to when they are expecting something. When they expect something, it rarely lives up to their expectations. Surprises by definition are not expected. Shortly after they got home it started to snow. The snow accumulated quite a bit an a few hours.

Here are a few pictures of the kids enjoying the snow.

Gemma helping Marlow build a snowman

Marlow putting on the snowman's head

Marlow started working on a snowball on our walk down to the park. She crawled along pushing it for a while until I made her stop because it was taking way too long. So she scooped it up and took it with her to finish there.

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The hill at our local playground. We found many school friends and neighbors there. I love our neighborhood.

Eliot standing in the snow waiting for me to take him home -- it is almost up to his knees. He and Gemma got miserably cold after a while so I walked them home. It was not an easy walk because they both wanted to be held -- which obviously, I can't do for 3 or 4 blocks. So we stopped at a good friend's house who lives fairly close to the park and borrowed a wagon and I was able to drag them home ... I have wonderful, helpful neighbors.

Ezra sledding down the hill... about to go over the small retaining wall that served as a sort of jump.

There is still lots of snow on the ground. It is raining outside and will probably freeze over night. I guess we'll be sticking around the neighborhood again tomorrow.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dreams and parachutes

Eliot is going to be a super dad. Here he is with a baby strapped to his back while he buckles another into her stroller. He and Gemma play house a lot. They load up purses and bags with food and stuff, and then load the babies into the strollers or baby back packs or grocery cart, and then wander around the house with them. Usually Eliot is "Dad" and Gemma is "girl." It is pretty fun to watch. The do not break character and it gets a bit confusing sometimes to hear Gemma yell "Dad!" and then hear Eliot answer, "What girl?"

Saturday morning Joseph let me sleep in, and when he finally came to wake me (at 11:30!) he had eggs and bacon and a cup of tea waiting for me downstairs. He had made egg sandwiches for himself, Eliot and Gemma. As we sat down to eat together Eliot told us about his dream from that night.

E: I dreamed I was in an airplane and I jumped out with a parachute.
Me: Wow, that's a cool dream. Were you scared?
E: No! I dream that every time.
Me: Every time? Every time you go to sleep?
E: Yeah.
Me: You dream that you parachute out of a plane every night?
E: (looks at me like I'm crazy) Yeah! But I don't land in the water.
Me: Oh? Where do you land?
E: (looks at me like I'm crazy) On the ground! BUT I wish I would land on a bear that would take me home.

..... Joseph and I cracked-up laughing. This kid comes up with the funniest stuff. It is not as hilarious to read, but just hang out with him for a little while -- he is funny.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Gemma

Gemma got up and had breakfast with me before I went to work. We talked about her party we are going to have tonight and practiced holding up two fingers and saying "I'm two!"